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Repairs, Custom Indoor Lighting, Landscape Lighting, Lighting Designs, Office Lighting Installation

Our most recent commercial work includes upgrading an auto body shop's electrical service so they could install a new heating & cooling system in their shop. We had to remove the existing old service along with several remodel-type installations, and upgrade their service installing a new 3-phase service to operate all of their existing electrical and their additional new heating/cooling units. Photos above show the progress.

We also remodeled their lighting in the paint shop by removing older, less-efficient fluorescent fixtures that were becoming harder to find the ballasts and bulbs for and installed more energy-efficient fixtures which enabled us to install a few more fixtures than were originally there in order to aid the painter to see better when repairing autos.

At another business here in town, we added two additional circuits for a new piece of equipment they had purchased. This work entailed running conduit to the new location, running the correct-sized wire and installing the correct outlets to power the equipment, and connecting the wiring to an existing sub-panel.

Other commercial work we have done in the valley:

  • Installed overhead service, electrical panel, and wiring for a security gate at a storage unit.
  • Installed a 600 amp service to a large shop and wired 3 separate sub-panels for the different sections of the shop; adding       lighting throughout the building and several outlets for various pieces of equipment.
  • Changing ballasts and replacing burned-out bulbs for fluorescent fixtures.

Big or small jobs, we are here for you & your commercial work!